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Golf Cart Rules

GOLF CART RULES AND REGULATIONS: All golf carts must be register at the Aroma Park Village office. A registration fee of $20.00 for each cart will be accessed at time of registrations. All golf cart stickers are valid from April 1st thru November 1 or each calendar year. All golf carts will be inspected for proper equipment. 

Each cart must have at least one operational headlight, and must have operational rear tail light(s). Gasoline-powered carts must have a muffler/silencer in place, and shall not emit excessive noise or smoke. All golf carts MUST bear a current Aroma Park Campground registration sticker. Stickers must be affixed to the right front side of the cart. Proof of Liability insurance must be provided by the owner. 

Owners are responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by golf cart operation. Village of Aroma Park, Point Grove Campground Employees, and Board of Trustees assumes no liability for accidents, misuse, theft, damage, injury, or any other occurrence or mishap arising from golf cart operation on park property. 

Golf carts may NOT be operated by unlicensed drivers. Anyone operating a golf cart MUST HAVE their license with them while on the cart. 

Golf carts may NOT carry more than the number of passengers for which they were designed. 

Golf carts may not be operated by anyone legally intoxicated or on drugs. Golf carts operation is limited to use on established Park roads and trails. Drive in designated area only. Do NOT short-cut across other occupied campsites. Obey all No Trespassing, Private Property and other Posted signs. Driving on Laura Lynn Drive/Boat Club Road is prohibited. (You may cross at an approved crossing.) Operators MUST observe safe driving practices. Avoid excessive speed and unsafe maneuvers. Speed limit on Park property and in campground is 5MPH. Golf carts must NOT be parked in a manner, which interferes with vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Golf carts SHALL NOT be operated at any time between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Golf cart operators must observe established quiet hours. 


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Village of Aroma Park/Point Grove and Twin Rivers Campground reserves the right to change any or all rates and rules at any time at its discretion. I understand that a permit may be revoked for failure to comply with rules. All fees and permit charges are non-refundable.