Aroma Park Campgrounds

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Point Grove Rules

I. FEES: Fees and charges are determined by and subject to change at the sole discretion of the Village of Aroma Park Board of Trustees

II. RATES: Daily rates for Twin Rivers Campground are $20.00 per night electric sites and $15.00 primitive sites $125.00 per week or $400.00 per month.  (Must be paid in full at time of arrival)
Check out time for both campgrounds is 3:00 pm. You could be subject to another night’s charges if you are not checked out by 3:00 pm, at the Camp Ground Host’s discretion. 

III. PERMIT: Campers copy of Permit must be displayed on post designating camper’s site. If no post is available, affix the permit near the entrance of camping unit.

IV. CAMPSITES: Campsites must remain clean and neat during your stay and upon departure. Deposit all refuse in designated containers. A. Dump Station: The dump station is free to registered campers for all sanitary waste including from shower and sinks. A $10.00 dump fee is imposed for non- registered campers. 

B. Only one camper per camp site. 

C. Camping units should be a minimum of 8 feet from utility/electric pedestals. Do not stack or lean items upon the electric/utility pedestal.

D. All Campfires must be of reasonable size, attended at all time and extinguished properly. No fires near the road. Fire wood must be free of nails, staples or metal objects. NO PALLETS!! 

E. Any camper choosing to use an electric site will be charged at the electrical rate regardless if electricity is used or not. 

F. Each tent will be charged separately.

G. No loud generators will be tolerated. 

H. No clothes line over 6’ in length.

 I.  Campers staying for longer than 14 days on the same site will be responsible for lawn maintenance of their site. There will be a push  mower accessible to be used to cut your lot. You will be expected to cut  your lot  weekly. If you fail to comply you will be issued a  warning  (the first time only) Failure to comply will result in the lot being mowed and you charged a $25 fee per occurrence.

V. GUESTSRegistered Campers are responsible and liable for all loss or damage to property or injury caused or suffered by their guest. 

VI. PETS: Pets must be leashed and attended to at all times. Excessive barking will not be tolerated. All pet waste must be disposed of properly. Registered camper is responsible for all damage or injury caused by their pet. If any pet exhibits dangerous behavior, the pet must be removed from the campground immediately and will not be allowed to return, now or in the future. 

VII. QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Unreasonable noise, including barking pets and loud radios, offensive conduct or music will not be tolerated. 

VIII. CHILDREN: Responsibility for children. Parents are solely responsible for the supervision and safety of their children. The campground, camp host, village employees, Village Trustees and the Village of Aroma Park are released from any and all responsibility for supervision of all children, and from all liability for injury occurring to the children at the campground. Persons under the age of 21 shall not possess or consume any alcoholic beverages at either campground. No unlicensed person shall operate any golf cart. Children under the age of 14 must have adult supervision at all times.

IX. CURFEW: All children under the age of 14 must be at their campsite from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am unless they are in the company of their parent or guardian. 

X. RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: All registered campers, family members next of kin and guest of registered campers releases the Village of Aroma Park, Camp host, Village Employees and Board of Trustees from any and all responsibility and liability for the negligence of all or any of them which results in death, injury to or loss by the registered camper, his family or guests, and further agrees that in the event any claim is made or suit or case of action is brought alleging any conduct or negligence which results in death, injury or loss, the registered camper shall indemnify and hold harmless said Village of Aroma Park, Employees, Camp host and Board of Trustees for all losses, claims, demands, costs, fees, including reasonable legal fees settlements and judgments which may arise as a result of said negligence or allegations of negligence. 

XI. AGREEMENT TO PAY DAMAGES: Registered campers are responsible for and shall pay for any or all injury to or loss of any property at the campground cause by themselves, their family or guests. Do not cut, break, injure or remove any shrub, tree or flowers, drive nails, screws or other objects into any tree. 

XII. VEHICLES/WATERCRAFT: Vehicles must be parked within campsite boundaries; maximum 2 vehicles per site. All vehicles must be parked in line with camper/tent. Visitors must park in designated areas. Watercraft and trailers must be parked within campsite boundaries or in designated areas. No operation of unlicensed vehicles, scooter, ATV’s etc. in the parks. Golf carts must have a village sticker (see golf cart rules) Please observe the park speed limit: 5 mph within the park and 20 mph entering and leaving the park area. Registered campers are responsible for advising their guests of the speed limit. Do not leave watercraft unattended or moored at the launch area. The Village of Aroma Park, Point Grove Campground, Employees and Board of Trustees are not responsible for vandalism, theft or damage and loss of any vehicle, both private and recreational. The Village of Aroma Park, Camp host, employees and Board of Trustee is released from liability and responsibility therefore. 

XIII. NUSIANCES: No noxious, offensive or illegal activities will be tolerated at either campground. Any person who violates these rules shall be subject to immediate ejection by the Camp host, Mayor or Police Department. XIV. FIREWORKS: No illegal fireworks of any kind. They will be confiscated. 

XV. RESPONSIBILITES: Each registered camper is responsible for keeping his campsite clean of all garbage. A garbage dumpster is provided in a central location. You may have a garbage container at your site but it must be covered at all times and kept within the recreational vehicle or otherwise concealed so as not to be offensive. Please don’t burn your garbage. 

XVI. RESERVATIONSReservation at Point Grove are on a first come first serve basis.